Pick your Battles

There are times when I instinctively want to fight but then I stop and think and choose flight.

In the rashness of my youth fight I would. Fighting takes so much energy, wounds you up and most of all steals your joy and peace.

Now, I take the time to ask myself, is it worth it? Is it worth disrupting my equilibrium? Is it going to help make something better from now on or is it just to get my way for now? How is it going to affect my relationship with those around me? I think long and deep before I fight these days.

Am I getting wiser, possibly, but I sure am tired and often don’t have the energy to expend on trivial things. There is power in letting some things go and pursuing peace.

Something came up today, something important that thinking back, I would have fought for before. No, today, I decided for my peace of mind to go with the other option, not my first choice, but the one that will not see me wasting time in a pointless discussion. Once the other person started sharing their illogic, I quickly ceded before my mood could shift.

I am interested in fighting battles that will see me whole and well, help others who are powerless, who I can advocate for.

I am working on not getting riled up about the little things. I am storing up my verbal artillery for when it’s really needed. I am no longer allowing my emotions to have me shoot off at the mouth just because I can. I am picking my battles more carefully and it feels good to not get into the fighting stance at every threat.

Pick your battles…this is good advice.

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