Baby Steps to Better Health

Exercise is vital. We know this and understand this on a cerebral level.

It is however, one of the hardest habits to adopt consistently. This means I jump on and off that wagon. My fight is to stay on the wagon and work on being a healthier me.

I eat right most of the time. I mean good whole foods. I am a lover of the pescatarian style of eating, though I consume liver sometimes to boost my iron. Anemia is no joke,

So, I push myself to get up off the couch and go power walking after dinner. Vegging out on the couch is so addictive! I do some jogging, jumping jacks and stuff to get my heart pumping. The goal is 30 minutes or more most days. Walking after dinner daily is something I am working on.

My water in take is on point and I cut out juice and soda so long ago, I don’t even miss all that sugar. Some cheese snacks are my achilles heel. I gotta live so I am not sweating over those indulgences.

I am taking these baby steps to better health and reaping benefits. Weight loss is awesome but so is having more energy, being alert and sleeping well.

I hope everyone can keep moving and take steps needed to be healthy.

I do walk 1.3km to and from the station 6 days of the week and sometimes 7. I also take the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Every little bit helps.

Small consistent steps lead to great rewards. Here is to remaining consistent!

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