Anybody Else watch too much YouTube?

I don’t have a TV. YouTube is my TV. I watch quite a bit of videos for around 2-3 hours most days.

Yes, I know that’s a lot of time. But I am single with no kids, I pay my own bills so I can do whatever I want. (joking but serious)

I like coming home, preparing dinner then planting myself on my couch, before my computer and bingeing on YouTube videos. It is incredibly relaxing. Time sure flies and all the cares from work disappear.

These days I can’t get enough of House Hunters and of course the comments that accompany the videos. Comments share much about us as humans, I tell ya. I have a few family vloggers I keep up with and it’s nice to immerse myself in the snippets of their lives, that they share. Interestingly, I never comment on these videos. I am always befuddled at people who take time to write lines and lines of negative comments on videos. I just don’t understand.

I find myself celebrating those who are enjoying the perks of being content creators on YouTube. People quit jobs, become influencers, whole families get flown out on promotion trips and the like. I find myself wondering why X YouTuber can grow their numbers at the speed of light while others not so much. Why do people who make solid content and have good quality videos not have mad numbers of subscribers? I also wonder if those who are enjoying fame and wealth from YouTube manage their money well and prepare for the possibility that YouTube may not be there in time to come? I watch videos but I also see YouTube communities as something of a social experiment.

I can spend hours listening to music, usually gospel on YouTube. It is crazy how I can start listening to a song and 2 hours later be immersed in a song I had not listened to in years.

I YouTube everything. I do this even before going to Google LOL! I like getting multiple perspectives and more often than not YouTube comes through for me.

That being said, I am off to comb YouTube to watch something that will be just right in this moment.

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