Guard your Self Esteem as you date Online

You are putting yourself out there. It takes guts to know that people view your profile and move on. You do it too, we all do it. It’s not personal, keep reminding yourself of this. It is part and parcel of online dating.

Remember we all have our preferences

Nothing is wrong with us. We are not for everyone and it is best if those without a genuine interest keep scrolling or swiping etc. Do the same and know this is fine since you have no malicious intentions.

Waiting is a part of the process of online dating

Online dating isn’t a magic world where the one suddenly connects with you as soon as you sign up. It doesn’t work like this. Some people make a connection soon and others wait and wait. Go into online dating knowing that it may take some time to connect with who you desire. You may also still meet the person in real life and not online, we never know. Take the pressure off and take it day by day. It’s not that something is wrong with you. It is a part of the process.

Block and report people as needed

Don’t allow people you meet on online dating sites to speak to you out of turn. We don’t allow this in our daily lives, why put up with this online? Block and report the person if needed. Do it the first time and don’t feel bad. The people online are the same as those in society, so there are people of every ilk. Know this and proceed with caution.

Know what you want and proceed accordingly

Ask the right questions to get at what you want. I don’t feel you should have to lower your expectations to meet those who reach out to you. Please don’t feel bad or less than because who catches your eye may overlook you. Keep it moving and stay hopeful.

Take breaks to live in the real world and connect with those in your life

It is easy to make online dating sites into a mini world. You wake up in the morning and log on then come home and do the same. If you do this day after day without making any good connections it can affect your self esteem. Remember to keep up with people in your life. These are your people who are there for you. Let them love on you and you love on them. See online dating as a small part of your life, where you put yourself in a space to meet who you are seeking. It shouldn’t be all consuming. Go out, be with family and friends, live life while dating online.

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