Water your Relationships

Life gets busy and we get busy with life.

Time flies, and if we are not intentional then days and months will fly by without giving quality time to those dear to us.

Make time to be there for your family, friends and loved ones:

  • Call them regularly, make a schedule and honour it. We make time for what’s important. For many people texting isn’t enough.
  • Meet people, make time for this and give them all your attention at that time. Put the phone down and live in the moment. Life is fleeting and looking back at these times is great comfort when someone dies.
  • When someone comes to mind, stop and reach out, it may be your last opportunity to connect with him or her.
  • Pray for those who are important and others who you are led to do so for, of course.
  • If you live abroad like me, budget, save and prioritise going to your ‘home’ country to see family and friends. Pour into your relationships, near and far.
  • Remember people’s birthdays and special days. Take the time to send them a proper message, a gift or spend time with them celebrating. This is a part of living a rich life.
  • Don’t start dating someone or get married and forget your other friends – single or married- who were there for you.
  • Know when to put the needs of others above your own and give of your time, attention, money and emotions to water the different relationships in your life. This is rewarding and worth the effort. Try not to count how much the other person does or doesn’t do. Don’t crush your natural flow.

Water all relationships to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life. I am off to hang out with a friend and enjoy this. Take time to do this often as well.

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