Encouraging yourself when Life gets Rough

Life sometimes gets rough and it feels like there is little hope.

Recurring or chronic pain, ill health, financial woes, relationship problems, job loss and a myriad of other afflictions blithe our way.

When life gets rough how do you cope and even thrive despite your circumstances?

As a woman who believes in the healing power of Jesus – whether it’s for my body, finances, relationships and so on – I, of course cry out to God in prayer. The circumstances often don’t change but my response to them do. This is essential because things do get better. It may not happen on our timetable and our ideal of better may not be what happens.

Good friends and family members are essential in these times. Their presence, an encouraging word and their prayers help me to know I have a network of people who care about me. This is fodder to give me reason to push on. This is why it is important to water your relationships. https://thisgracedlife.com/2019/07/06/water-your-relationships/

It is ok to cry and feel down for a bit. Staying in that frame of mind is defeating. Life is best lived as an active participant – in the good and bad times.

Be present for others in their rough times and help them to get through. We ought to live lives where we give and take and give and take – balance is key.

There is also nothing like some upbeat music to rock to and have that give you a ‘pick me up.’ I believe moving and activating your happy hormones is important. It helps to distract oneself for a bit when life gets rough. Read a good book, sleep, get out and have some laughs with friends.

Another good way to tackle the negative feelings that often accompany rough times is to think ahead. I enjoy envisioning when the rough patch passes. I make plans, write them down and pray over them. In this way, I am looking ahead instead of staying fixed on the present. Also it helps to look back and reflect on how you have overcome other rough patches in the past.

Prepare yourself mentally in the good times for when life gets rough. Some patches are way rougher than others as we know. Resolve to live life well in the good times to balance things out. Tell yourself that you can be joyful in all states and pursue this – yes it’s easier said than done but worth pursuing all the same.

Stay away from negative people.

When life gets rough, encourage yourself again and again and keep fighting. It is true that,”Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

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