Travels in Africa: Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

I am on the African continent for the first time to soak up Victoria Falls – The Smoke that Thunders (literally and figuratively). After much planning, researching, budgeting and saving, I am here! Pinch me! I can’t believe it! It is not cheap, because flying from Tokyo here via Johannesburg costs a pretty penny. It’s well worth it though. Here is the fruit of of my mid range saving and discipline.

Mist is swirling all around me as I bask in the wonderfulness of life in nature.

This is the first of many trips to the African continent that will follow. I know it in my inner being.

I enjoy a leisurely but wet walk across the bridge on the Zambian side of the Falls. Though I am wearing the raincoat the people there gave me a few minutes ago, I can feel water seeping into some parts of my clothes. I don’t mind though because, I am here enjoying Victoria Falls in all its fullness.

After walking down and down and dodging cheeky monkeys, I take in the swirling river below and chat to the young natives a bit.

I am giddy with joy though the trek to get down to the river below the falls is a trying one. Thankfully, I have no food to entice the monkeys milling about, who are very obnoxious, though cute. I am here, as you see in the picture, chatting with some natives about all kinds of things. This is one of the awesome things of travelling – connecting with the natives. After that, I huff and puff my way back up to the top. It is quite steep and the path isn’t very clear. I am so happy I wore sneakers – YAY! mE!

I finally get to the top and make my way across to the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls. Jamaicans have visa free access to both Zambia and Zimbabwe, so I did not need to pay a dime. Reciprocity is a beautiful thing. I even stop to chat with the officers at the Zimbabwean side and one sweet mouth one try to proposition me. I laugh and keep it moving.

I enjoy the view of the Falls from the bridge on the road that separates both countries. I get there and a guy introduces himself. He says he is a guide and wants to show me this aspect of his country free of charge. I wait for the other shoe to drop because if he doesn’t want money surely he wants something else!

He takes me to different sides to see the Falls in all its splendour. The Zimbabwean side offers far more than the Zambian side. It’s in my face literally and splashes me liberally when I view it from some sides. This guy shows me the ins and outs of the area. I am so grateful. At the end of doing this for a good two hours, we walk into the town of Victoria Falls. He shows me a supermarket then bids me farewell. Alas! He only wanted to show me this beautiful site as he said. Consider my mind blown. I remember the beauty of kindness in us humans. I am humbled and amazed.

I do my shopping and start walking back to the Zambian side where my hostel is. I am accosted by a policeman who cautions me that this is not safe since it was nightfall. He escorts me all the way back, all the while sweet talking me. It’s flattering. I enjoy it, say thanks and go where I am going. I had a nice day and my experience at Victoria Falls is complete and perfect.

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