Blogging is a Labour of Love though it Takes Grit to Keep Going

Blogging is a hobby for me and I have been blogging on and off for over ten years. I find myself coming back to blog because it is something I enjoy doing. I mean, just sharing thoughts and ideas about the things I like talking about on the internet space: travelling (especially solo travelling), self-care, budgeting, living debt free and overall being smart with money.

I like the freedom of blogging as a hobby, so I can go at my own pace with no demands from sponsors or chasing numbers. It is very therapeutic. I have invested some money into my own domain, so there are no ads clogging up my blog but more and more I am thinking I should just go for the free domain and save those coins. After all, every bit adds up.

It does take grit to keep sharing and churning out posts though blogging is a hobby. I like taking some time to choose my cover photos and think of how to share topics, craft posts and such. There are times when I have all these ideas flying around in my head and want to create blog posts but have no time for blogging. Then, there are other times when I have time but just want to lie on the couch all day, with a book and not be typing stuff. For me, blogging is a labour of love, not so much labour because I don’t force myself to blog but go with the flow.

It is nice to look back at a post and see how it appears on the blog – the aesthetics of it. I also like to get alerts about comments and hear what people thing about my ramblings. These are always appreciated.

There are also days when I just don’t feel like blogging anymore and I think of just stopping. I have done this a time or three before. I, however, remind myself to leave this blog up as something I can look back at over the years and reminisce about what I share. It is great for sharing the places I have travelled to and for encouraging others in different ways, I hope.

There are many blog posts about blogging as a business, so I am writing this to share that blogging can still be a hobby. In a world where there is much talk about multiple streams of income, blogging sometimes is a stream of income for some people. This is perfectly fine. A blogger is a blogger whether he or she does it as a hobby and/or for business.


  1. I may not always get to pop over and comment, but I do read in my inbox. I enjoy hearing about the sights and sounds in places I have never been, and I am a bit chuffed that you do it with Jamrock roots too. Please don’t disappear again. I am still missing your YouTube channel. Your videos were part of my Saturday night lineup. 🙂


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