Be intentional about cultivating your peace

Being at peace and choosing to be at peace comes what may, is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. It is priceless and worth everything, to pursue and cultivate it in all its fullness.

I am often reminding myself to be intentional about cultivating peace these days. The proliferation of information on social media just magnifies everything. I am someone who likes to know what is going on all over the world and it is a lot. Thus, I pace myself and practice discipline in surfing different sites and consuming different content. This means I only access Twitter on my computer at home for 30 minutes to an hour after work, then get off the site. I deleted Instagram a few years ago and I have not looked back. I also curate my YouTube subscriptions with loads of positive content, so that most of my suggestions mirror this. I am also quick to delete things that mess with my nerves from my feed. In addition, I surf through FB here and there and use it as an outlet to share songs I am jiving to. I just love being able to unfollow and mute people. These help to cultivate my peace with those I love but don’t want to see their foolishness clogging up my timeline.

I start my days with prayer as well as reading and immersing myself in different books of the Bible. I also just lose myself in different kinds of music that just gets my mind right. Cultivating peace starts with getting my mind right, decluttering it and filling it with wonderful goodness. “We will go in your strength…” by Chevelle Franklyn is an anthem I often find myself humming.

“Stay home, save lives” is a slogan these days in Japan. I wish I had a job that took this literally. Thinking about having to go out and teach face-to-face is often unsettling. I had to make peace with this and ask for things to be put in place at work, so I was not anxious there. Sometimes, peace comes when we speak up respectfully about what we want. I also enter my apartment after work on Friday and stay home until Monday morning when I go back to work. Being in my own space, catching up with friends and relatives virtually, cooking, baking, cleaning, listening to music, joining in my Bible study group, reading and just being silent with my own thoughts, is where peace lives.

Furthermore, shifting my mindset and accepting what is happening now; learning to take things one day at a time gives me peace. Being thankful to be in the here and now is me cultivating peace. “Count your blessings, name them one by one…” I often stop to do this when start being bothered and feel my ire rising.

Cultivating one’s peace is a journey which starts with a changed mindset. There must be a plan to root out the things that cause chaos and confusion. Plans must be made to form healthy habits that you know will give you more peace on a consistent basis. It may be as simple as refusing to eat ice cream and cheese which mess up your sinuses, and give you migraines or something as complex as cutting off toxic person.

I hope everyone would feel the kind of peace that allows them to sleep like a rock each and every night. We need rest to stay healthy in these times and to be peace to others in our lives too. Pursue peace passionately and live the rich live that we all should have in this state.


  1. Amazing advice. I love how you’re not looking to blame anything but instead, change the things around you to provide that peace. It’s a wonderful mindset. 🙂


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