You are a ‘people person’ they say

Are you a people person?

A people person seems to be someone who can socialise easily among different individuals and groups. He or she is comfortable putting himself or herself out there and engaging with others unabashedly.

I am told that I am one of these people persons who does the above well. It is interesting to have heard this from someone who supervises me at work, as well as, from different colleagues. I merely view myself as one who takes the time to chat with others on different levels, when I can. Everyone at work gets a greeting and there are of course people who I interact with on deeper levels. I try to be pleasant to everyone and know who I can have certain conversations with and others who to just say hi to and move one. People are people and I try my best to coexist with different personalities and be professional in my dealings with them.

I was quite surprised to hear this about myself. I was also reminded of how as people we watch others and categorise them in different boxes. This is a positive labelling for me which I choose not to dwell on and to continue to just be me. It would be so easy to overthink what is natural for me.

I think on some level everyone is a people person. We all have different people in our lives and some of us are more outgoing than others, who may have social anxiety or just don’t want to have loads of small chat with others. It is good for all of us to be comfortable in our interactions and be at peace with who we are. If we are kind, fair and respectful to others then we are people persons in my book.

A people person should not be only those who socialise with others easily and can engage in small talk, without being awkward. I really hope people don’t pressure themselves to be like others who they see around them being social butterflies. These social butterflies also have their issues too.


  1. My most comfortable place to be is in a quiet place with soothing music and a book, but when I am out and about, I roll with that too. While I do love people and hear the ‘people person’ bit more than I think is logical, I also know when I am ready to be done. I will say ‘no’ to events if I know they will require abundant interaction far beyond my level of ‘tolerance’… particularly at night.

    I am up between 2 and 3 am, so I am not going to be very sociable past 8 or 9 pm. My body will be up at 3 am, regardless of when I go to bed, so when I’m done, I’m done. Lol


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