In celebration of the Pretty Sakura Season

Google reminded me of some pics I took 8 years ago and I saw the sakura blooms in one.

It’s beautiful here in Japan right now and it is a refreshing start to spring, with the cotton candy pink petals against the pristine blue sky. God is an awesome artist!

It is truly amazing how the excitement of seeing sakura in full bloom never wanes. There is just something about them that makes you stop, look up, take out your camera and start snapping away.

The sakura trees in full bloom signal that spring has truly arrived, though there is often a frigid downpour after a few days to wash them all away. With this in mind, many take the time to enjoy them by having hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties, picnic style) with friends. Sadly, many of the bigger parks are banning this during the pandemic, to keep people safe.

I like that you can see these blooms just about anywhere, all over Japan and you do not need to make an event out of viewing them.

Pretty sakura season

lifting hearts everywhere

especially in these times

with despair everywhere

Pretty sakura season

oh what joy when it comes

People revel, laugh and bask

in the levity it brings

The pretty sakura season brings a bit more life after winter as we go into spring. It’s always great to enjoy them in their brevity. Spring has sprung, the weather is often perfect and a great reminder to enjoy the simple things in nature.


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