Who Else is Taking the Leap to Travel?

I am all ready to get on a plane and go to Jamaica for a visit to see family and friends. At this point it is self-care and I will do all that is necessary to travel safely during this pandemic. I have masks upon masks upon masks. I have a face shield, hand sanitizer, hand soap and such. I have also been talking to different people who have travelled long distance on planes during the pandemic. They have shared useful information which is helping me to mentally prepare for all that is to come. One perk that everyone repeats is the fact that there is more room on the long flight from Japan to America, to spread out, since fewer people are travelling. I welcome this for sure and it is helping me to take the plunge. They also state that airports are empty, so it’s easy to observe distances and such. I know this may not be the case on the flight from America to Jamaica but gotta just roll with it. Travelling safely during this pandemic, takes all kinds of preparation but I will just have to take the plunge at some point.

You know what? I am more anxious about being able to get back into this country than about travelling during this pandemic. Situations change at the drop of a hat and having permanent resident status is no guarantee as we saw last year…sigh. I know people who left in the early part of 2020 and were not allowed to come back until October. This is stressful on top of everything else and I shudder at the thought of having to deal with this. I however, am ready to take the plunge and travel. This just means I will leave my apartment keys with a good friend and try to put some plans in place to combat a situation like that. Oh for the days when I just planned a trip and went on my merry way before waltzing back into the country and going about my affairs.

My research for my trip sure looks different. Instead of looking at a new destination and reading all about it, I am focused solely on visiting Jamaica and looking at where to get PCR and antigen tests, to adhere to different standards. I am reading about the experience different people have at the airports in Tokyo, when returning and steeling myself for this because its the most restrictive of all the places I will deal with. This means my travel budget also looks different because these tests are not cheap and I will need at least two. In addition, I have to plan for the quarantine period on both ends. Thankfully, I am a homebody and will be able to be at the family house during this period and have space to protect others. It’s a whole lot of thinking and planning but I am ready for the plunge and it will be worth it all. Being with family and friends is necessary self-care and I am sure needing this now.

Do you know what is also useful? Having airlines like Delta that will give ecredits for flights if you cancel and allow you to use these far into the future. I also like others that refund you fully because many did not do this. It is helpful that I can use my credits towards the flights I am thinking about and this is from those I cancelled last year. It nice to see that they won’t expire until 2022.

Leisure travel is far from my mind at this time. I see travelling to Jamaica as essential for me, for my mental health, thus I will take the plunge. I am also hoping to be able to access a vaccine, somewhere on my travels, since it’s a no go here for this year, at this point.

Who would have ever thought that I would ever second guessed travelling. This life is humbling.


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