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How to Keep Moving When Life Smacks you Hard

  • Cry out to God in the good times and bad times. God promises never to leave us or forsake us. If you have a habit of leaning on God then you will know of his faithfulness and have the assurance that you will get through.
  • Don’t ask ‘why me?’ Seek to see what you can learn about yourself and try to see tough situations as opportunities for growth, to become more resilient and to learn to persevere. “The race is not for the swift but for those who can endure.” I remind myself of this often.
  • Share your burdens with a friend or two. These are people in your life who are present, know how to pray with you, speak life into you and also know when to tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and give practical advice to get you moving ahead.
  • Seek professional help. See a pastor who is a trained counsellor,a psychologist or other health professional. Invest in your mental well being.
  • Think of practical things you can do to dig yourself out of the hole. If it is a financial smack down then you may have to cut back on some luxuries and/or get a second job.
  • Grieve, let the emotions out because suppressing them may not help. Cry, scream, put on some music, dance, go for a jog, clean like mad, do what works for you to get the negative energy out.
  • Change course. If something isn’t working and you keep trying then try another way or another thing.
  • Motivate yourself. Give yourself some pep talks and push and push.

Whatever it takes keep moving, keep trying, never give up on yourself and don’t compare your journey with others. Try to stay focused. What’s yours is yours, keep working for it.

Don’t Keep Dumping Stuff on the Strong Friend

Everybody has good days and bad days.

Some people focus a lot on their bad days, amplify them and stretch them on and on. There are others who have their moments and manage them without sounding an alarm.

The latter is the ‘strong’ friend. We all have one or more or we are that friend.

The strong friend goes through the roadblocks of life, faces them and manages to keep an even keel, even in life’s greatest storms. This friend feels, manages these feelings and gets through them often without saying anything. This often means that those around him or her get the impression that this friend’s life is perfect.

As we all know, no one has a perfect life. Some people complain about every obstacle, while others focus inward and keep pushing as they go over these again and again.

It is easy to keep dumping stuff on the friend who is handling his or her baggage and not shouting about it to the world. Personalities differ. This does not mean he or she should always be bombarded with every crisis from others. People often forget to ask that friend, “How are you?” The perception over time is that he or she is always fine.

No one is always fine. Some talk about their problems over and over again and others work their way through them silently.

Hence, if you have a strong friend who you never think has a problem, stop and think again. Ask how he or she is doing from time to time and really listen.

It’s nice to bear each other’s burdens; let’s be conscientious.