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How to Combat Information Overload, it’s Self-care

Combating information overload is a vital part of self-care. What we feed our minds often becomes what consumes us. The internet has allowed us to have access to news and other information from all over the globe. However, there is much sensationalism in how some elements are presented to us viewers. We need to be intentional about what we consume on the internet and how often we consume certain things, even if it is the news.

Does it ever feel like everything is spiralling out of control after checking out some news websites?

Is it important to know what is happening in the news all the time?

There are some people who can keep up with the news in the world, filter it and don’t get distressed by it. There are also others who are consumed with the seemingly endless travesties featured in the news. I am not saying to ignore them. Learn how much you can handle and proceed accordingly.

Combat information overload by Limiting the Time you Spend on Certain Things

It is important to be aware of what is happening in the world. I find scrolling through certain headlines on one or two news sites help with this. I then read one or two articles and compare how they are reported on the relevant sites. I also look for encouraging stories, to remind myself, that there are also good things happening in the world. I do this for about 30 minutes to an hour and then get on with other things.

This may seem a bit callous but many times what is featured in the news are things we have no direct control over. If it causes you to get into a funk that’s not good for you. Practice self-care and limit your exposure to that.

Balance who or what you watch or follow on Social Media

I balance my viewing of channels that discuss controversial issues with others that show lighter content. When I am watching YouTube to unwind after work, I don’t want to be worked up. This means I watch episodes of house tours and some family blogs which I find relaxing.

Twitter is great for information and some threads just rope you in. I only access it on my computer which stays at home. There was a time where I was on Twitter far too much on my phone. For my self-care, I limited myself and it was a good decision for me. The same can be said of Instagram. Exploring Instagram is a big time suck and if one isn’t careful you come away feeling less than the gem you are.

Listen to Some Music, Chill and Make Something to Nourish your Body

Put the mobile phone away, turn off the notifications and put some good music on when you get home. Make a nutritious meal or what you feel like eating and take your time savouring what you have made. If you live alone, like I do, enjoy the peace of being in your own space alone and relax. This is self-care. Unplug for the whole evening or a few hours before bed. Go for a walk and balance the day.

Here I am talking about information overload and sharing information, how ironic. There is nothing wrong with being informed and knowledgeable about a range of subjects and topics. Ensure that you are taking in what you want to learn and not what others are force feeding you, using different persuasive techniques. Be an informed participant.

If you find yourself feeling disillusioned with everything in the world, check what you are taking into your mind. We often forget to feed our minds with balanced and healthy fare like we should our bodies.

This is my little reminder, like I tell my students, balance what you watch, eat and do, to the best of your ability. It is all a part of self-care. Take care of yourselves.

Baby Steps to Better Health

Exercise is vital. We know this and understand this on a cerebral level.

It is however, one of the hardest habits to adopt consistently. This means I jump on and off that wagon. My fight is to stay on the wagon and work on being a healthier me.

I eat right most of the time. I mean good whole foods. I am a lover of the pescatarian style of eating, though I consume liver sometimes to boost my iron. Anemia is no joke,

So, I push myself to get up off the couch and go power walking after dinner. Vegging out on the couch is so addictive! I do some jogging, jumping jacks and stuff to get my heart pumping. The goal is 30 minutes or more most days. Walking after dinner daily is something I am working on.

My water in take is on point and I cut out juice and soda so long ago, I don’t even miss all that sugar. Some cheese snacks are my achilles heel. I gotta live so I am not sweating over those indulgences.

I am taking these baby steps to better health and reaping benefits. Weight loss is awesome but so is having more energy, being alert and sleeping well.

I hope everyone can keep moving and take steps needed to be healthy.

I do walk 1.3km to and from the station 6 days of the week and sometimes 7. I also take the stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Every little bit helps.

Small consistent steps lead to great rewards. Here is to remaining consistent!