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Call, text or reach out to someone who pops into your mind

You know how people randomly pop up in our minds from time to time? It’s a good reminder to contact them and catch up. It may not be a big thing for us but it may mean the world to those we reach out to. There are too many times when I have gone with this feeling and be the listening ear someone needs in that moment.

In these times it is so easy to get wrapped up in our own emotions as we social/physical distance. I know people with lots of responsibilities may feel overwhelmed and not have time for others outside their household. Regardless, it is nice to text or call someone for a few minutes to let them know someone is thinking of them. This ongoing pandemic and all it brings weigh on us in different ways. Some people who live alone are experiencing waves of loneliness and may not want to reach out and bother others. I was chatting with a friend recently and this came up. it’s hard for some singles who live alone.

In addition, we should know what works best for people in our circle where communicating is concerned. There are so many of us who prefer texting and don’t realise this doesn’t work for others. I came to this realisation after hitting a communication snafu with someone. I was all for texting and voice calling. This person preferred video calls because like many people, this person connects better by seeing who is being spoken, even if it’s on a screen. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Call, text or reach out to someone who pops into your mind. Don’t put it off. We are each other’s keeper.

Stereotyping Others says more about you than them

We as human beings have a habit of seeing each other as a monolith. A solid representation, a meaning we impose based on what we think we know from certain stereotypes of a person or group.

Someone is a geek, a nerd, nice, mean, bitter, angry, snobbish, flighty and the list goes on.

We do this automatically most times and rob ourselves of valuable encounters that will help us to grow and learn more.

How often do we pause and think about our own reaction to others after stereotyping them?

Why do we Stereotype others?

Perhaps we feel threatened by something we see in them, so we use this to make ourselves feel better?

Is because we think we know so much about all groups of people, based on our exposure through the media, relatives, friends and the like?

Does stereotyping others help us to brace ourselves for an encounter?

What exactly is the benefit of administering negative or positive stereotypes on others?

The irony is that it’s often the negative and nasty things in us that causes us to stereotype others negatively. It is never from a good place.

How do you react to Being negatively Stereotyped?

It is a weird world that we live in. Certain stereotypes of me as a black woman crop up as I travel to many countries in Asia. Blackness isn’t desired unless you have a certain fetish. Everyone wants to be white and this is evident in the whitening in almost all skincare products in shops. It’s a common past time to refer to me using animalistic terms of which gorilla seems to be a favourite. I have visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and I live in Japan. I can count on three fingers the countries where I was simply viewed as a person.

I am stereotyped as African (we all know the negative stereotypes sadly, for a diverse number of people from 54 nations), a soon to be murderer, pickpocket, concubine and others.

I am an English teacher and among others (see above) in Japan. Some people will stereotype me based on this coupled with their love or hatred for the language.

In parts of Europe I was a trollop. Someone to subject to cruel hand movements beckoning me for my services.

In other places, I am stereotyped as rich because I am a traveller.

The stereotypes never seem to end.

Stereotyping is what we do

No one likes to be on the receiving end of negative stereotyping but it’s what us humans do. We are conditioned by the forces around us and our very natures to do this. Does this mean it’s ok? Of course not.

The problem isn’t stereotyping. It is allowing these stereotypes to cause us to be mean to others or to give others undue favours.

It would be nice if everyone would get the chance to prove himself or herself before the stereotypes morph into absolute knowing.

Ultimately, we can only navigate our lives amongst these stereotypes and use opportunities we get to to help others become more knowledgeable.

Anybody Else watch too much YouTube?

I don’t have a TV. YouTube is my TV. I watch quite a bit of videos for around 2-3 hours most days.

Yes, I know that’s a lot of time. But I am single with no kids, I pay my own bills so I can do whatever I want. (joking but serious)

I like coming home, preparing dinner then planting myself on my couch, before my computer and bingeing on YouTube videos. It is incredibly relaxing. Time sure flies and all the cares from work disappear.

These days I can’t get enough of House Hunters and of course the comments that accompany the videos. Comments share much about us as humans, I tell ya. I have a few family vloggers I keep up with and it’s nice to immerse myself in the snippets of their lives, that they share. Interestingly, I never comment on these videos. I am always befuddled at people who take time to write lines and lines of negative comments on videos. I just don’t understand.

I find myself celebrating those who are enjoying the perks of being content creators on YouTube. People quit jobs, become influencers, whole families get flown out on promotion trips and the like. I find myself wondering why X YouTuber can grow their numbers at the speed of light while others not so much. Why do people who make solid content and have good quality videos not have mad numbers of subscribers? I also wonder if those who are enjoying fame and wealth from YouTube manage their money well and prepare for the possibility that YouTube may not be there in time to come? I watch videos but I also see YouTube communities as something of a social experiment.

I can spend hours listening to music, usually gospel on YouTube. It is crazy how I can start listening to a song and 2 hours later be immersed in a song I had not listened to in years.

I YouTube everything. I do this even before going to Google LOL! I like getting multiple perspectives and more often than not YouTube comes through for me.

That being said, I am off to comb YouTube to watch something that will be just right in this moment.